Victoria Daley takes immense pride in her co-parenting journey; Victoria delivers a curated, thoughtful and impactful message. Victoria enjoys speaking about experiences and providing advice in initiating POSITIVE conversations and experiences related to co parenting as well as building confidence and resilience. 

(As seen on: E-Talk Canada, The Brandon Gonez Show)

What's Included? 

Victoria provides 1 hour of knowledgeable, consistent and interactive speaking engagements.

Author book signing and Personal meet and greet.

Virtual or In-Person School Visits

The last few years have been different for many students. The shift to online learning has been a challenging transition for most of us- authors included. Authors had to support this by implementing “virtual” school visits and read alouds. Luckily, this didn't hinder Victoria’s goal to educate and motivate students while prompting FUN in literacy. 

Victoria Daley understands making reading and education enjoyable! She delivers content that is engaging, delightful and relevant to your students. Whether virtual or in-person, Victoria will remain informative and engaged. Victoria enjoys educating the students as she breaks down the co-parenting myths and discusses the many types of family dynamics. 

What's Included? 

➔ 30-45 min Session
Victoria Daley will do an interactive read aloud, reading 1 out of 2 books in the Mia’s World Series.

➔ 1 hour Session
Victoria Daley will do an interactive read aloud, reading  2 of 2 books in the Mia’s World Series. Victoria will engage students in a group discuss/workshop related to co-parenting and separation focusing on building resilience and confidence.

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