My Author Journey

Upon completing my studies in the Community Outreach & Development course at Sheridan College, my passion for writing took flight. Throughout my educational journey, I had always possessed a deep-seated desire to utilize my personal experiences to assist others.

Currently, I have the privilege of working with children who possess a diverse range of needs, all while embracing the role of a loving mother to my delightful 8-year-old daughter. As I navigate the intricacies of co-parenting, I am grateful to find myself in a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship. Nevertheless, I am well aware of the multifaceted challenges and situations that can arise within the context of co-parenting, particularly in the aftermath of divorce or separation. It is from these experiences that the concept for my book was born.

The driving force behind the "Mia's World Book Series", is to share my personal journey, not only with parents and adults but also to actively involve children in the conversation. I firmly believe that it is crucial for children to have a fundamental understanding of a topic that is often disregarded or avoided altogether. By fostering open dialogue between parents and their children, these books strive to cultivate enhanced communication and comprehension. Ultimately, my heartfelt aspiration is for it to accomplish precisely that!