My Author Journey

Graduating from Sheridan College I took the Community Outreach & Development course. Having a slew of interesting classes like Research Methods, Psychology and Health Promotions, I took special interest to International Development. Once I completed school, is when I took a liking to writing however I always had an interest in helping others through my own personal experiences.

Currently, I work with children with a diverse range of needs while having the opportunity to be a Mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl where I am living out my own co-parenting experience. Thankfully, I am in a healthy co-parenting relationship but I am aware of the different scenarios and situations that may arise when co-parenting in relation to divorce/separation.... And so my book was birthed.
I wanted to share my experience not only for parents and adults but for children to join in on the dialogue, and have a basic understanding on a topic that often gets swept under the rug. Mommy Lives Here & Daddy Lives There is meant to open up dialogue between parents and their children. I hope it does just that!